ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem setup information for use with Spark New Zealand


2. VDSL2

The customer must be supplied with instructions as to how they can change these settings, for example if they want to connect to a corporate network or a different service.

Note that a single IP address is given out as part of this service. If the modem is external, with an Ethernet connection to the customer, then it must have some form of network address translation (NAT) inside it. The settings for doing this need to be supplied by the modem manufacturer.

The modem may also have the ability to act as a DHCP server and hand out internal IP addresses to PC clients. Failing that, it will have a setting to configure the internal IP address of the modem. Again, the manufacturer must supply instructions on how to do this, that also tell the customer what setting to use under what circumstances.

Any other application layer proxying, firewall or other functionality within the modem that customers intend to use must also be included in manufacturer's instructions.

For an up to date list of Telepermitted ADSL modems, seeTelepermitted ADSL Modems or Telepermitted ADSL2+ Modems or Telepermitted VDSL2 Modems.

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