About Telepermit

A Telepermit indicates that a product may be connected to the Spark network.

The Telepermit is granted by either the Access Standards team or the Mobile team to the applicant when the product meets the PTC and TNA Specifications.

The Telepermit is not a measure of the quality of an individual item of equipment, nor does it imply any warranty or endorsement of that product by Spark.

Telepermit Ownership

A Telepermit is generally granted to a New Zealand resident. This is to ensure that all Telepermit holders are subject to New Zealand law. Provisional applications are acceptable from overseas if the applicant is in the process of appointing a New Zealand representative who will undertake all the obligations and responsibilities of a Telepermit holder.

Test results remain the property of the company to whom they are addressed to and can only be used by other parties with that company's permission. The owner, or party with such permission must be named on the Application form and evidence of permission supplied.

The Party named on the Telepermit application form is regarded as the owner, even if that owner is located overseas.

Telepermit Grant

When the Access Standards or mobile teams are satisfied that the test results and the product meet the PTC/TNA specifications and all other requirements are met then a Telepermit may be granted. This grant includes provision of the Telepermit label artwork showing the allocated PTC number.

Changes to an Existing Telepermitted Product

Detailed descriptions of any changes must be advised to Access Standards who wil determine if the product must be retested or not.

Transfers of a telepermit from one holder to another holder requires permission from the original holder. If the holder is not the owner of the test reports then permission from the test report owner is also required.