ChorusPermit Process

Here is a step by step guide of the process where Equipment Suppliers and Service Providers can have equipment approved for connection to the Chorus Copper Cable.

1. Contact and send a sample of equipment to a Recognised Testing Authority for testing. 4. Test reports are assessed by the Access Standards Team to determine if your product meets the specified standards and all other requirements.
2. Compliance Testing of your equipment is started by the testing authority using the specification C279:2008 Specification for Connection to Chorus Copper Cable 5.

When your product complies with all the requirements, Congratulations! your product is now certified and granted an approval certificate (Chorus Permit).



Upon receipt of the full test results, complete the ChorusPermit Application form and forward to Telecom New Zealand's Access Standards Team.

Note: The processing fee for report assessment and administration is $NZ500 + GST

6. The permit is granted for the equipment, and the Chorus Permit holder will be then be able to connect the equipment to the Chorus cable pairs.