The following are our most common questions.

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Q. I am coming from overseas and want to bring "xx" with me? Are there any rules?
A. Yes. Products sold on overseas markets do NOT have Telepermits and may not suit either the New Zealand network or New Zealand regulations. At least some problems are likely, but local suppliers probably don't have the necessary spare parts or product information to service or modify the product. We recommend you sell the item in its home country, where it has some commercial value.

Q. I have arrived from overseas and have a "xx" with me - what do I have to do to connect it to the New Zealand Network?
A. Overseas products should NOT be connected to our lines. To do so is in breach of your contract with us. If you do decide to connect overseas products and trouble results, not only will we be unable to repair them, but we will charge you a service fee to cover any work we do in finding that your non-Telepermitted equipment caused the fault. If harm to our network or services is caused by your equipment, we have the right to charge you for any remedial action we take. Overseas standards and products may differ from our own in many respects. Testing and modification costs far outweigh the local costs of replacing the item with a local equivalent.

Q. I'm going overseas and want to buy a "xx" - are there any catches?
A. Yes. We strongly advise you NOT to buy telecommunications products overseas. There are safety, regulatory and operational requirements in New Zealand that may not be met by overseas products. There is usually not much saving and, above all, you will not have protection under New Zealand law for any unsuitable or faulty products you buy overseas. Cordless telephones are a special case where non-compliance with local regulations can result in seizure!

Q. The retailer told me I don't need a Telepermit. Is this true?
A. Almost all products intended for connection to our network need a Telepermit. The only exceptions for residential customers are accessories such as double adaptors and cord caddies, which do not form part of the wiring and do not take any active part in the service. All types of telephones, fax machines, modems, answering machines and fax switches are required to have Telepermit labels unless they were already connected to the New Zealand Post Office network in 1988.

Q. Can I take Telepermitted equipment overseas?
A. The answer is usually no. Most countries run an approval system similar to the Telepermit system but of course their requirements are tailored around their own particular networks which are often quite different from the New Zealand network.