Certification Process

Here is a summarised step-by-step guide of what happens to certify your product to connect to the Spark New Zealand Network.

1.Tick! Contact and send a sample of your product to a Recognised Testing Authority for testing. 5.Tick! Once all necessary items and documentation has been received, your Telepermit application will enter the processing queue.
2.Tick! Compliance Testing of your product sample is started by the testing authority using the relevant PTC Specification. 6.Tick! Test reports are assessed by the Access Standards Team to determine if your product meets the specified standards and all other requirements.
3.Tick! In addition to testing against PTC specifications, Test reports are also required for electrical safety, generally AS/NZS 60950, EMC AS/NZS CISPR22, and specific reports covering any radio transmitters e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, DECT etc. These Secifications are derived from international specifications and usually the manufacturer will have be able to make copies of relevant test reports available....more 7.Tick! When your product complies with all the requirements, Congratulations! your product is now certified and granted a Telepermit.
4.Tick! Upon receipt of the full test results, complete the formal Telepermit application and forward to Spark New Zealand's Access Standards Team with other documentation as per the application form. more... 8.Tick! Telepermit label with the unique Telepermit number is issued. See more information about Telepermit labels.



The cost for a Telepermit fall into two categories:

The Access Standards application processing fees are summarized in the following table:

Assessment of CPE with single network interface e.g. PSTN, ISDN, ADSL2+ etc, inclusive of their power supplies, where applicable $430
Assessment of additional network interfaces for CPE with more than one different network interface $430
Assessment of additional products in a family, which can be assessed from one set of test reports, and are processed at the same time. $150
Variations to products, product name changes, etc, for which no test reports have to be examined$90

"Bulk changes" covering several products and part of the same request will be subject to a range of discounts depending on the number of products involved. The general aim is to charge according to the total amount of work we need to do

Note that the additional charge related to the additional work involved in examining overseas test reports does NOT apply to electrical safety test reports (overseas test labs reports to IEC 950 or IEC 60950, which apply also in New Zealand).

The recognised testing authorities charge commercial rates and operate in competition with one another. It is advised applicants obtain quotes from two or more laboratories for an estimate of testing fees.



Methods of payment to Spark New Zealand are outlined on the Spark New Zealand Website. Additional information regarding on-line credit card payments can be found here.