A condition of a Telepermit is that the equipment displays a Telepermit Label. This label indicates the product has been certified and is suitable for connection to the Telecom New Zealand network and is usually located on the back or the bottom of the product. If the product does not display a Telepermit label then the product does not have a Telepermit.

A separate Telepermit number and label is issued for each product and for each party holding a Telepermit for the same product. The product name is clearly shown on the label so the purchaser can see the label details match up with the product.

The Telepermit number found on the bottom of the label consists of three parts:

The RAL or RN number on the right hand side of the label details the ringing performance. For all phones to ring (or faxes to answer) the RN or RAL number of all devices on line should add up to 5 or less. Note: The RN number replaced the RAL number in 1997. For products which do not have an RN, the space for the RN will be removed from the label.

When a Telepermit is granted, artwork of the label is issued to the Telepermit holder.

The Telepermit label can be photographically reduced to produce the actual Telepermit labels in a size appropriate to the product concerned. The label must be legible, so the minimum size of the label will be approximately 13 mm x 20 mm. The approximate ratios of the dimensions are given on the figure below.

If the market description of a Telpermitted product is changed, or if a transfer of Telepermit ownership is proposed then the artwork for a new Telepermit label will be reissued on request.

An example of the Telepermit Label is shown in the figure below:

Telepermit Label

The printing on the label shall be either Pantone PMS375 (Green) or Black on a White or Silver background.