For all Telepermit Applications the following attachments and supporting data must be included:

  • Description of primary function(s) of the product, with block schematic.
  • Electrical Safety Test report. See below for more information.
  • List of any additional facilities of the product.
  • Evidence of licence or exemption for products using radio frequencies. See below for more information.
  • Copies of User Instructions and Marketing Brochures.
  • Sample of equipment and/or colour photograph(s).


Electrical Safety Testing

For electrical safety testing, test reports to derivatives of IEC 950:1991 (or EN 60950/EN 41003 in UK/Europe) from overseas laboratories are acceptable provided that the laboratory concerned is acceptable to the Energy Inspection Group, Operations and Risk Management, Ministry of Commerce (see list in Electrical Code of Practice, NZECP 3, Appendix B). This generally includes all laboratories accredited by IANZ (or any other national accreditation body recognised by IANZ, such as NATA, NAMAS, HOKLAS, etc) for electrical safety testing.

Note: Any plug packs must have the Australian and New Zealand pinout as specified in the AS/NZS 3112.

Radio Frequencies

There are legal requirements for products to comply with the Radio Communications Act 1989 and Radio Communications Regulations 1993. This legislation covers the limits for radio frequency interference and where applicable, radio frequency allocations. Any questions relating to radio frequency should be referred to the Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) Group. For more information go to