Mobile Device Certification Process

Here is a step by step guide of the Telecom New Zealand's WCDMA device certification process:

1.Tick! Check your product meets Telecom New Zealand's minimum requirements. Tick!6. Submit all required documentation to the DTR Mobile Team.
2.Tick! Submit a completed and signed WCDMA Application form. 7.Tick! Once your documents have been reviewed and approved, the DTR Mobile Team will assign a date for your product to enter the test lab.
3.Tick! The DTR Mobile Team will be in contact to arrange a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 8.Tick! Submit required test kit and equipment to the DTR Mobile Team.
4.Tick! Once the NDA has been completed and sent back the DTR Team will send you an Information Pack to review. 9.Tick! Testing of your product commences and if it successfully completes the test programme...
Tick!5. Attend an 'Introduction' meeting to discuss the lab entrance requirements and the test process. Tick!10. Congratulations! Your product is now PTC Certified and you will be granted a Telepermit.